About Us

Everything I am, you helped me to be...

Three Little Pixies began in 2011 as a way to help make ends meet after my husband lost his job in finance. I was a stay at home mom to three children with another one on the way, who crafted in my spare time as a creative outlet. My husband noticed the interest people took in my handmade creations and gently nudged me to sell the jewelry I had been designing. He saw something there that I didn't see myself and what started as a small side job quickly blossomed into a business. 
Three Little Pixies has allowed me to continue to stay home and raise our five children while supporting our family. I work out of my studio in Monmouth County, New Jersey creating custom keepsakes for our customers. Each piece I create is a wearable work of art. I try to design simple pieces that show off your kids' names, a special date or a favorite word or phrase. Pieces that can be dressed up or down and that you can be comfortable wearing with jeans and sneakers or your favorite black dress. My desire is to create personalized jewelry and lovely handmade pieces that you would be happy to own or gift to a wife, husband, friend, mother or grandmother.

As a small business, we believe in supporting other small businesses. 99% of our raw materials and components are made in the USA by other likeminded artisans. Our copper and brass come from a husband and wife team in California. Our aluminum comes from a fabricator in Illinois. Our lead free hand poured pewter comes from artisans in Idaho and the hills of South Dakota. By supporting us you are also supporting them.

Three Little Pixies exists because of you. Everything we are you've helped us to become and for that we are truly blessed and grateful. Thank you for sharing your special moments and taking this journey with us.