Product Information + Care


All charm jewelry created by Three Little Pixies is made with the finest metals available. Unless otherwise specified all jewelry items are made with sterling silver, copper or brass. Upon request your item can be made from gold filled discs. THESE ARE NOT GOLD PLATED. Plating is a process where the base metal is covered with gold or silver to give the look of the real thing but the process will inevitably cause flaking and breakthrough. Filling, on the other hand is an actual layer of gold-pressure bonded to another metal. It contains more gold than gold plated and is much more valuable and tarnish resistant. Gold filled items will not flake off, rub off or turn colors. Anyone who can wear gold, can wear gold filled without worry of allergic reaction. With proper care it will last as long as 14K gold.

If plated components are used in any item it will be disclosed in the listing. The gold or silver in plated items can eventually wear thin if it comes into constant contact with the wearer's skin and friction. Therefore I do not recommend, and do not warranty your piece, if you sleep, swim, shower, or exercise in your jewelry.

Each piece is hand stamped by me using individual stamping tools. Every single letter, number or design is stamped by ME one at a time on your piece. Because of this please note that NO two pieces will be exactly the same. Letters, Numbers, Designs, etc. may not be perfectly straight or aligned and spacing may vary. These should not be looked at as imperfections but as what makes your piece YOURS ALONE and ONE OF A KIND.

Darkening may vary depending on the depth of the stamp and may fade over time. This is a natural process when wearing fine metal.

We use a petite sterling silver rolo chain when creating our jewelry. Prices include necklaces up to 18". If you would like a 20" chain for an additional $5 please be sure to leave a note in the message to seller field or contact me for a custom listing. 1 mm sterling silver ball chain is also available as an upgrade. 16" and 18" necklaces are a $15 up charge. Contact me prior to checkout and I'll adjust the listing for you!


Due to the metals natural reaction with both the environment and your body oils, it will tarnish over time and require a tiny bit of upkeep. Here are some tips to keep your jewelry looking it's BEST and BRAND NEW.

DO NOT wear when using Body Sprays, Perfumes, Hair Spray or Household Products. Your jewelry should be put on AFTER you've applied or come into contact with these items.

DO NOT clean silver with cleaning dips, polishes or liquids. This will cause the removal of the darkening in the letters. The best way to care for your piece is to use a piece of polishing cloth and gently rub it to remove the tarnish.

If you are not wearing your piece, store it in an air tight container or zip lock bag.